Once I listened: "Do what you love and do it often"

So I started taking pictures, meeting inspiring people and creating beautiful memories for them. I put so much effort in this that more than 6 years and 100 weddings have happened since then. That’s why I always say I have the best work possible: discovering amazing places and people and translating their stories into images.

My master used to say that you can only photograph well what you love. That’s the reason I like to get to know you so I can portrait you as you are, spontaneous and fresh. During your wedding or your family shooting I like to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, that you feel awesome and have the chance to make your emotions last forever. I immortalize your beloved people and all the details that you have prepared with such enthusiasm. That’s maybe my greatest goal: do something well, put lots of love in it and know that I’m creating something special that you’ll hold with you for so many years.  

So, better, let’s have a coffee and chat about what you like, what you expect from your photographer and what’s the most exciting part of your event :) Because there aren’t two alike couples -either reports- and I’m already looking forward to discover your story.