We like your work, how can we know each other?

Cool! That's the first step :) I’ll need you to tell me about yourselves and the type of wedding you are planning, when and where. As soon as possible I'll confirm you my availability and I’ll send you my rates. Once you have gone through them, we can meet for a coffee if we’re in the same city. And if not, I can call you via FaceTime or Skype so we can discuss all the doubts you may have.

What do the prices include?

The rates include, obviously, my accompaniment during the day of your wedding, the editing and retouching of all the photographs (except those in which someone appears, for example, speaking or blinking). But the best, also include my accompaniment in the previous months, a guide with tips for having the best photographs ever and personalized attention to resolve any questions you may have and at anytime you need. Also, I’d love to go out for a drink, see you and get updates about your arrangements.

And of course, to your wedding report you can add a couple or family portrait shooting before or after the wedding, albums, books or prints.

How many photos can we expect for a full wedding day?

Two months after your wedding you'll receive a link to your own website (like this one) where you will have a gallery with approximately 1000 photographs that will perfectly tell the story of your day :) You'll also find the instructions to download the photos in high resolution and all the information about prints and albums if you want to have a little gem on paper. You can share the link and password with all your family and friends and they can also download the photos. In fact, PLEASE, do it!

We’ve been recommended to have two photographers, are you one or two people?

I usually work alone and design a timeline with you previously so I can have time for photograph every important part of the day. This way, all the images have my own style and you'll receive a very consistent report :) I some cases with complicated logistics, a big number of guests or specific details I can bring a second shooter with me. We will discuss about this, so don’t worry at all!


How many hours will you stay? Will we have pictures of the party?

Sure! The party is a big part of the wedding, for many couples the most important! My rates include 10 hours of consecutive coverage and I usually shoot at least an hour during the dance party.

Do you take formal family photos?  

Of course. As your wedding day approaches I will ask you for a list of vip’s to make sure we get them photographed with you in a very organized, quick manner so you can all get back to celebrating.

When do you recommend us to book you?

As soon as you know the date of your wedding and you've booked the venue we can start talking. Normally I start accepting bookings 12-15 months in advance and I close the calendar when I arrive to 15 weddings/year (only one per weekend). So, once we've met and you're as excited as me :) I recommend you to book as soon as you can to ensure your date.

YAY!! And how can we book our date?

I require a 50% deposit to lock us down with a signed agreement, the final balance will be due 30 days before your wedding. Extra prints, albums or shootings will be paid later. 

Are you into destination weddings?

Yes!!!! I’d love to travel to your happy place for both, your wedding or your engagement session. Exploring new places is always so inspiring for me... Let's do that!

Do you shoot weddings for more than one day?

ABSOLUTELY! I love neverending parties! I’m used to shoot the entire weekend for our destination weddings and it gives us more time to get to know you and your guests better (and also gives you more time to enjoy your celebration!). 


How would you describe your style? What inspires you?

Natural, spontaneous, happy, candid, professional, bright, filled with colors and details. 

During the entire day I'll be with you taking natural photos of the spontaneous moments that are happening so that you'll have a faithful memory of how were the emotions of that day, how your guests laughed or danced. And we will try to do that being unseen, you would be surprised of how ninja I can be! 

What inspires me is that in the years to come you will see the photos again and it will be like transporting you to those fun moments in the cocktail with your friends, that very special speech or what you whispered each other while you were dancing. That's why I put so much energy and love into giving you the best of me!

What can affect the results?

The most important thing is the feeling between us and spending some time together to get to know each other a bit. To have the best possible photos it is important that you let yourself be advised by your wedding planner and me, (we have already been to some other wedding ... haha) and that we keep in touch during the previous months to the wedding. This will create trust between us and during your wedding we will feel like one more: we will cry, we will laugh, we will dance and the photos will be filled with all those emotions so that in the end you’ll receive an incredible reminder.

What makes you different from the rest of wedding photographers?

I love learning! Other disciplines such as Design, Architecture or Anthropology always give me new ideas to approach my photographic work. Also when I travel or discover new places and experiences, I pay attention to all the new details and I try to incorporate them into my workflow.

What else do you do besides weddings?

I run DESFICI magazine, a cultural magazine about Valencia -my beloved hometown. I’m also photographer and art director for brands in my ARDOR studio. And I'm so proud being artist and contributor at Stocksy United, the coolest company in Canada!