“Uno vuelve siempre a los viejos sitios donde amó la vida”


¿HOW ARE fine art Albums?

I’ve been researching and buying albums from different labs for years, until I found the ones I’d like to have for my own wedding! They’re handcrafted for each couple. Beside their quality, what I like the most is taht you can customize them a lot so every album I deliver is different!

They come in two sices and both have 100 pages Tanto el álbum grande como el pequeño tienen formato de libro con 100 páginas exquisitely binded and they open 180º.


-28x35,5cm (vertical)
-30x30cm (square)

-20x25cm (vertical)
-25x20cm (horizontal)
-25x25cm (squared)


You can see here different options and, of course, you can ask me for advice if you have doubts about them:
-Vintage leather

You’ll see that we can stamp a short phrase or your names in the cover. For example, Clara and Nacho’s album is titled “HERE COMES THE SUN” because is their favourite song.

You can also order parent albums in the same size or smaller ones. They are identical copies of your album but can be binded in different materials and colours.


Big album
100 pages
28x35,5cm or 30x30cm
Linen, Silk or leather covers
Handcrafted bindery
700€ + 21%taxes (shipping not included)

Medium album
100 pages
28x35,5cm or 30x30cm
Linen, Silk or leather covers
Handcrafted bindery
600€ + 21%taxes (shipping not included) 

Big album + two medium parent albums
1400€ + IVA

Big album + two big parent albums
1550€ + IVA


We love them!

How should we order our album?

1: I suggest you to choose your 150 favourite images. When you have the selections, you just need to copy in the form below the numbers of the files you want to include: you’ll see each file is called “paulagfurio_yournames_1.jpg”, “paulagfurio_yournames_2.jpg”, etc. The best way for doing this is download the full gallery I sent to you (it was your second-happiest day ever, remeber? 😂), open a glass of wine and write down each number while you review them. You can writhe them in Notes, an email or a Word document and it will be easier for copy and paste into the form.

2: When you’re positive about sizes, covers and you have selected your images, I’ll need you to complete the form in the end of this page. As soon as I receive your order, I’ll send you the invoice and review all the details for being sure that everything is ok (as albums are made to order and can’t be returned).

3: When I receive the payment, I’ll start with the design. I’ll send you a low-res PDF so you can review everything before it goes to the print.

4: As albums are handcrafted, it takes a little while and they usually need two months for printing, binding, drying and shipping. It will be like waiting for Christmas 😂 (but better!)


Let’s go!

An address where usually there's someone. It can be a family member's house or office, if you work far from home. I'll need name, complete address and phone number of the person who is going to receive the album.
For your album, I suggest you the big size as you will see every detail in the images better than in the medium size.
Cover material: *
Pick just one! ;)
If you have doubts while choosing one from the images linked before, please let me know.
It can be your names or a short phrase, for example "Clara & Luis" or "HERE COMES THE SUN". Write the text exactly as you want it to be stamped, with capitals and signs.
If you want a different amount of parent albums (prices are listed for two replicas) please, let me know!
From "paulagfurio_yournames_0001.jpg", you just need to paste here the "0001" part 😉