“Uno vuelve siempre a los viejos sitios donde amó la vida”


People usually say that they like my photography because it's different, it's not the typical cheesy wedding photographs. I think the secret is in their natural sense, spontenuity and honesty. Avoiding poses and forced situations, you will see yourselves better in the portraits and you will have a true souvenir of how you both and your guests are on this special day.

I don't like cliches and even less in weddings: for me each couple is unique. It's because of this that in my reports I like to introduce everything I continue learning from other disciplines such as design or architecture, and also from all my travels!

I appreciate details and the beauty of little things very much, because of this I've designed myself all my materials and packaging to give you your photos. My goal is that when you receive this package, you remember this day as the second happiest : )

For obtaining wonderful photos during your wedding it takes more than a cool camera, we need to be confident and comfortable together. Then you will be relaxed in front of the camera. I also offer engagement sessions before the wedding day for those interested in having some other natural portraits wherever you consider special. This will help us get to know each other better and give you a clearer idea of how we work with the cameras. 

The wedding report always includes up to 10 hours of interrupted coverage to tell your story from beginning to end: starting with your preparations until everybody is a bit tipsy on the dance floor (but not too much!). When we feel we have a complete report we will let go of cameras and will toast with you!

Approximately two months later, I'll send you a link to your website and private online gallery where you can download all the photos (800-1000 images) in high resolution, including portraits of friends and family, decoration details, the space, ambiance and also some moments you might have missed. As the gallery is protected with a password, you can share it with whomever you'd like. 

If you want to give some presents of your photos nicely printed or simply make a beautiful corner in your home, I can help with this too. My partners work with the best papers and inks and you will see your photos as beautiful as in the computer without undesired pixelation or rare colours.

If you select the album, we can arrange it together to make it an unique piece, completely yours. We can do it in the format and color you like most and we can include texts such as your vows or graphic designs of your invitations.

All this process until your big day will be easy for you to enjoy every step of the way. We can speak every time you need and, of course, take a coffee together. I will always be available to give my advice and ideas from my experience and for you to have the best experience possible.